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B category in 90 days - it is possible!

Posted by : 3-08-2021, 15:27 | Категория: EN / Topspeed.lv - auto news   

There are realms in which due to changes caused by Covid we can find not only challenges, but also opportunities. It is surely like that in the field of driving schools as the training has become as financially appealing as ever. The main reason for that is the changed format of theoretical training as now it takes place online instead of requiring students to arrive in person, thus saving the money previously spent on public transportation. In addition to that, there is no need to hurry to the nearest store for snacks during the breaks as now all that it takes is to open one's own fridge or pick up berries from the garden. All the students need now is the internet connection, smart device and microphone.

Besides, in Latvia there is also 1 driving school that ensures not only training of quality, but also provides the needed resources to obtain the driver's licence within a record short time. By following the developed guidelines, 90 days will be sufficient for you to look at the world through a new perspective already by October - not from the footpath, but from the driver's seat. Presto training model stands out among others as special innovations and such opportunities are offered that students had been long awaiting. The normally tight reins of the contract conditions are now loosened up: in Presto the students are no longer tied to 1 instructor, city or a car model.

Presto driving school is the biggest driving school in Latvia with the widest coverage of branches. In total, there are 98 cities and villages in which it operates, and lessons can be booked in a different location even every single day! During the summer time, it can be especially appreciated - this is the time when you want to go to the sea more often or at least set out on a short trip. The training at Presto is not standing in the way of the holiday plans. For example, if you choose the Presto driving school in Rēzekne, it does not mean the driving classes must be cancelled if you decide to spend a weekend in Jūrmala. Presto students can freely book classes throughout Latvia - in any place where Presto instructors are located.

How to start the training?

Everything starts by getting acquainted with the contract on presto.lv where it is freely available online even before signing it. Such an approach is actually not so common in the industry of driving schools. Presto is one of the few that has such a transparent attitude towards the prospective students. In this way, the driving school demonstrates that the contract does not include any unfavorable conditions to the student and shows honesty towards the clients. There will be plenty of time to get acquainted with the content of the contract - you may even invite a lawyer to review it together.

The next step is signing of the contract, and the digital solutions of Presto come in really handy at this moment - just a few clicks and the official training can begin. It takes only a few minutes and does not require coming to the office. Again this enables to save both money and time as there is no need to arrive in person or wait in queues in the administration.

What must be done 1st?

When the contract has been signed, the training of theory and driving follows. The cycle of theory studies consists of 11 classes, but the 1st driving class can be attended only after the 3rd theory class. That is why it is advisable to calculate the date when it falls and book a driving class in advance. In the 1st lessons it is especially recommended that the student goes to different instructors to get to know them and be able to choose one that seems to be the best for collaboration.

To be able to learn to drive with an instructor, it is obligatory to gain the medical certificate and “white” driver's licence/permit of training. It means that the student must take care of these formalities before the 3rd theory class so that later on the study process does not get prolonged. For the medical examination and obtaining the certificate you may apply on Presto website. Besides, it is cheaper than at a clinic and Presto clients have no payment queue.

You must also register for first aid courses as it is a prerequisite for taking the theory exam later. It is best to plan this 2-day course before the theory lessons (5 h online, 4-6 h face-to-face), if this is not possible - in parallel with the theory course. However, it should be taken into account that the amount of information studied in theory will be voluminous, so it will be easier to learn by taking both courses separately. You can apply for first aid at presto.lv - everything can be arranged remotely the same way as signing the contract.

How to get the driver's licence in 90 days?

First of all, the student has to take out the medical certificate and training permit as well as complete the first aid training course. If the student deals with these 3 requisites later, then the training is also prolonged in general. Secondly, the driving classes should be booked in time, and it is recommended to start the driving lesson as soon as possible - already after the 3rd theory class.

A schedule can be found online, and the booking is done through the online system. It is best to book classes in advance. If you decide to book just a day before the desired date, it may already be too late as all the instructors may already be taken.

Finally, the driving school guidelines emphasize the following 3 main conditions that must be met so that the training process would be as successful as possible and the driver's licence could be obtained within 90 days:

  • Changing the car. It should be noted that in the CSDD exam 1 of the following car models can be allotted randomly - Volkswagen Golf 7, Audi A3 Sportback, BMW 218D XDrive Active Tourer. There are technical differences between these cars, and if the student discovers that only on the day of the exam, unfortunately, the lack of experience may cause additional stress as well as result in failing the exam. In addition, the points of BMW and Audi that have to be taken into account to pass the tasks in figure field coincide, but for Golf they are different. And if these nuances are not known, unfortunately the student won't get much further than the figure field. Therefore, it is very important to book lessons with instructors who drive with different makes of cars, and it is the ability to drive cars of different makes that will help to pass the CSDD exam on the 1st time.

  • Driving daily. Lessons at Presto Driving School can also be booked on weekends and public holidays, which means you can drive every day. Frequent attendance plays a very important role in gaining the driver's licence within 90 days. Those that can really dedicate every day to driving will move forward at the best pace. If it is not possible to drive under the guidance of an instructor every day, then at least it should be done with an acquaintance or family member (that must have at least 2 years of experience). The most active drivers in this mode will have acquired the driving skills necessary for going to the Road Traffic Safety Directorate even within a month. It should be noted that the number of lessons required is very individual, but on average 30-40 lessons are needed.

  • Changing the instructor. Initially, it will help to find an instructor whose teaching method seems to be the most appealing. However, it will also be useful in case you fail to get along with another instructor. Also, if 1 instructor considers that the student is not yet ready for the exam but the student does not agree, he may book a class with another instructor to get 1 more opinion.

The importance of the psychological factor

It is no secret that the worry aso plays a significant role on the day of the exam. However, when the stress level is significantly increased, the chances of passing the exam on the 1st attempt also decrease. The training approach provided by Presto ensures that stressful conditions on the day of the exam are kept to a minimum. Psychological readiness and emotional endurance are trained as regular changes in driving lessons are ensured on a daily basis: changing cars and instructors becomes a routine and a common experience, so these conditions are nothing new to a Presto student during the exam. Of course, only if the student has used those opportunities that the driving school offers.

In addition, those that also book a lesson outside their city will gain even more experience as that will enable them to get out of their comfort zone. Very often, when driving only in 1 city, all road signs simply get learnt by heart and there is no real reaction. However, when driving elsewhere, the student's reaction skills can be trained better, as well as the ability to navigate in an unfamiliar environment. Also on the day of the exam, a situation may arise when the instructor takes you on a route that you have never taken before. Past experience in similar circumstances will give you the necessary sense of security and confidence that even on an unknown road, you will be able to manage.

A driving school for everyone!

The pathway to the driver's licence is not easy - it requires determination and dedication. However, at the same time, it is also much easier than it is often pictured. By starting the training already in July, you will be able to be proud of your new driver's status by October. 90 days - it's not that much, is it? However, in a driving school that has created the right training conditions, it is possible! Besides, one of the most inspiring Presto students, 79-year-old Irma Kluša, has proved that getting a driver's licence is really possible for anyone! If Irma could, couldn't you as well?

Apply for training at presto.lv!


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B category in 90 days - it is possible!

B category in 90 days - it is possible!

There are realms in which due to changes caused by Covid we can find not only


Kona Electric received the title " Best Small Family Car "in the


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