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What are the benefits of selling spare car parts on the site of classifieds and advertisements Dalder.lv?

Datums : 25-08-2021, 02:56 | Kategorija: LV / Auto zinas   

Starting with approximately 2010, traditional offline auto parts stores have gradually moved away from their advertising model of using standard posters, signage and flyers. Experience has shown that the most effective way to sell a product in today's world is to use online advertising for this purpose. When a person needs a particular spare part, it is unlikely that he will approach car dealers himself, because it is much easier to use the classifieds and advertisements site Dalder.lv and find a suitable advertisement in order to purchase the spare part or component for the specific vehicle. At the same time, the buyer will not only save his time, but also money, because not only shopkeepers, but also ordinary people who sell spare parts for the required car can leave their offers and advertisements on the online site.

Compared to conventional car shops, online advertising does not require a developed and massive external design infrastructure, optimal route planning for the customers, staff recruitment and rental of sales areas. To operate successfully, the seller needs only sufficient space to store the car parts properly, and all sales can be generated by updating the offers on the website. The process of selling used spare parts is thus greatly simplified. The user-friendly interface allows the buyer to quickly select the spare parts needed for a car or other vehicle and contact the seller immediately to make a purchase.

This is a much more cost-effective solution for both the sellers and the customers. Those who sell auto parts do not have to pay extra to attract buyers. Customers do not have to cover additional expenses incurred by the store, as all products are presented and conveyed to customers through an online auto parts catalogue.

There is no charge for posting an advertisement on the site. It only takes a few minutes to properly format your offer and submit it to the online platform.

Terms and conditions for advertising on the car parts website

In order to sell new or used car parts, you need to take care of the correct placement of your ad. The site does not have strict rules regarding the presentation of offers on it. The seller is simply required to provide as much detail as possible about the given parts for sale. There are several recommendations that have already proven their effectiveness in practice:

  • Illustrations A person browsing the required parts is more likely to notice an ad with at least one visualization of a car part.
  • Description of spare parts Care must be taken to ensure that the user can see the detailed characteristics of the desired product when opening the advertisement. If there are any nuances that can affect the quality of spare parts, then of course they should be clearly mentioned.
  • Right prices In order for a customer to become interested in a specific product, the used car parts must be at an appropriate price. By checking the rest of the site's bids and offers, the buyer can be sure that the amount in the ad is appropriate. The price should be average – not higher than other ads, but also not much lower, because it can cause suspicion on the part of the buyer.

Posting advertisements on dalder.lv is free of charge. The standard services of our online resource are completely free, because the success of advertising a product among buyers lies on the shoulders of the seller himself. If you want to speed up the process by showing your ad at the TOP level, then of course you can use the additional features of the site, which highlight the specific offers in midst of all the rest of proposals. This guarantees much more attention from potential customers. However, even without investment, it is possible to successfully sell your product through the advertising site.

Ordering spare parts via Dalder – specific feature

Hundreds of advertisements can be found on dalder.lv both from stores and private retailers. It is recommended to follow certain rules that will allow you to make the right purchase. The first thing to look out for, of course, is the part manufacturer. If a spare part of a certain brand of the car breaks down, it is better to choose the spare parts of the appropriate company for effective replacement. The cost can vary greatly depending on whether the part is original or not.

The original product always has a special label and the original manufacturer's packaging. When buying parts online from major brands, be sure to check the part number. Of course, it is also possible to save on certain spare parts, but when it comes to important car components such as the power unit, gearbox or chassis components, you should try to choose the highest quality options available on the advertisement site.

It is important to note that Dalder is extremely user-friendly in order to help its users find cheap but high-quality parts for purchase. This is because car parts can be easily found by their name by entering it on the site in a special search form. Among the most important distinctive features of the site are the following:

  • Easy to use interface Because the pages of the site do not have an overwhelming abundance of functional elements, any beginner will be able to easily understand the specifics of the search. The site can be used from both a computer, an iOS and an Android mobile devices without downloading a special application.
  • Filters If it is necessary to find a special spare part for the vehicle, the user can mark the corresponding product with the appropriate filters. Even if the details aren't yet available, you can save your filters and the site system will automatically notify you as soon as the expected ad appears. The notification is sent to a registered e-mail or to the user's personal account on the site, after which the only remaining task is purchasing the parts already found.
  • Communication with the seller To find out more about the car spare parts listed in a particular ad, the best approach is to ask your questions to the seller. To do this, you don't even have to call the contact or go to a social networking service. The website's built-in chat feature allows you to contact the advertiser in an instant and receive an immediate response.

It is no less important that the user does not focus only on the purchase of new spare parts. It is possible to find used car parts that are significantly cheaper and still have a high level of quality. Each user should be guided by their budget when choosing the appropriate class of components and parts.

What spare parts can be found on Dalder?

Due to the fact that the administration of the site dalder.lv does not interfere with the process of placing ads, if they comply with the general terms of the online resource, offers for the sale of a great variety of car parts appear on the online site. Among the parts that can be purchased on the site, are the following:

  • Car bulbs and lighting parts;
  • Car windows;
  • Complete assemblies of various units;
  • Shock absorbers;
  • Drive shafts;
  • Water pumps;
  • Alternators;
  • Exhaust systems and parts;
  • Suspension parts;
  • Engine parts;
  • Body parts;
  • Lights.

The car parts website is the perfect place for anyone who wants to find the right parts for car refurbishment. Because, as practice has shown, among the hundreds of online platforms, at the Dalder advertising site the user can find decent opportunities to solve the problems encountered even at a minimal cost.


Sākot ar 2010. gadu, parastie bezsaistes auto detaļu veikali pakāpeniski ir attālinājušies no savas organizācijas reklāmas
Pārtikas Kona Electric tika izmantota eiropas ātrās uzlādes tīkls, un, lai maksimāli palielinātu braukšanas laika auto ir
Jaunais Kia jau iestājusies ražošana. Šī reklāma padarīto vadītājiem dienvidkorejas kompānijas. Koncepcija, ko pavasarī Ženēvas
Gordon Murray, tas, kurš radīja slavenais McLaren F1, ir publicējusi pirmo attēlu ar super-auto, ko izstrādājis uzņēmums, kas nes
Vienīgais Sbarro Super Eight celta, pamatojoties Ferrari 308 GTB izlikta pārdošanā.  Auto ar jaudu 260 zs s. ražots 1984.

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